21 Settembre 2021

Clementoni, DISNEY BABY PRESS&GO CARS – Code no. 14392



Product Code:


Dear Customer,

We are writing to let you know that a routine check run on Disney Baby press&go cars has revealed a possible non-conformity deviating from our quality standards. Although this is not a general issue affecting all products, but is rather confined to specific batches, we have decided, nevertheless, to suspend sales of this particular item as a precautionary measure.

The EAN code of the item in question is 8005125143924 whereas the actual batches concerned are 20F19, 20K06 and 21B04 and you can identify them by checking the printed number on the bottom of the car (please see the image beneath):


For any further information, please get in touch with your Clementoni sales agent or call our support department. 

We are at your entire disposal for any additional details.

Recanati 21/09/2021

Yours sincerely,

Chief Executive Officer
Giovanni Clementoni

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